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About Me.

I am based in Redruth but work all over the County, I have been landscaping for the last 15 years.  Before that I had a plant nursery near Praze-an-Beeble, so I'm a dab hand at recommending the right shrub for that shady corner where nothing grows!

I can undertake all aspects of landscaping, from designing the layout of the space and ground clearance through to completing the project.  However, if you have designs of your own that you'd like me to work with, I am happy to do so.  I'll even offer some guidance and advice if any areas prove to be unworkable when put into practice.

I have a considerable amount of equipment at my disposal, including a micro digger, 3 ton digger, 4 ton dumper truck and a 1 ton skip loading dumper.

I also have earth rotavators (saves all that back-breaking digging), turf cutters (to recycle that old lawn), industrial strimmers (brambles?  what brambles), compactors (level that loose hardcore or rubble into something worth building on), curb lifters, block cutters, angle grinders, cement mixers and kangos (more than just a drill, more than just a hammer drill, this will crack through the toughest slab).

I source all my materials from local companies.  Not only does this help to keep the cost down, but it also helps keep the smaller local suppliers in business.  Items such as hardcore and topsoil are sourced from local recycling facilities.

All waste materials are removed from site.  This is included in the quote - it's not a hidden extra.  There will be times when extra materials are required, or a clearance proves to be bigger than expected and another skip is needed.  These extras will need to be added to the quote, but you will see exactly what you're getting for your cash. Nothing sneaky with me - that's my guarantee!

I may not leave the site in pristine order at the end of each day, but I will leave it in a safe state, and it will be clean and tidy when I pack up and leave at the end of the job.

And, if a week or so later, you find there's a problem - maybe there's a lake forming on that beautifully block-paved driveway?  Let me know.  It's part of my guarantee to get it right for you.